ABOUT Mabani Al Ghad Contracting LLC (MAG)

Mabani Al Ghad Contracting LLC (MAG) is a multi-disciplinary Engineering, Construction and Management Consulting firm specialising in Engineering and Project    Management services. 

The company is 100% owned and managed by well  experienced Engineers emanating from decades construction background. 

The company separates itself from the rest with its professionalism and qualified team to undertake projects.




    1.1     Mechanical

    1.2     Electrical

    1.3     Civil and Structural

    1.4     Alternative Energy Solutions including Metering Systems

    1.5     Property Valuations


    2.1     Project Risk Management

    2.2     Procurement Management and Expediting

    2.3     Commercial and Contract Management

    2.4     Scoping, Concept, Pre-feasibility, and Feasibility Studies

    2.5     Financial Models to determine project viability


    3.1     Architectural Services

    3.2     Quantity Surveying

    3.3     Land Surveying


    We offer full engineering solutions tailor made to suit each customer, and these include the entire project life-cycle,

    starting from project development, scoping, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies, detailed design, tendering and

    procurement, contract management, project and construction management, quality management, contract

    management as well as commissioning and hand-over:

1.1   Mechanical Engineering

         Mechanical services offering include the design and installation supervision of the following:

          •      Building Services (feasibility, design, procurement, installation supervision, and close-out)

                  –    Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Hot Water Generation (Boilers, Calorifiers etc) and

                        steam reticulation systems, Central Heating Systems, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Industrial Laundry &

                        Kitchen equipment, Medical Gas, Other Mechanical services.

          •    Process Plants and Material Handling (generating requisitions of mechanical packages, sizing equipment,

               procurement, project management, contract administration and installation supervision), Process equipment,

               lining of equipment and the like.

1.2   Electrical Engineering

         Services offered include:

          •    Township Establishment Infrastructure

          •    Bulk Power Designs

                –    Rural electrification, Power Audits, Building Services reticulation, Data Capturing and and Management,

                     Network Audits, Substation Refurbishment and Upgrade, Power Station Management, technical performance

                     and efficiency of Main and Auxiliary Equipment for Power Stations, Energy Management

          •    Lighting

                –    General Lighting, Township Lighting (Highmasts & Street Lighting), Security Lighting, Specialised Lighting

          •    Security Systems

                –    Access Control, CCTV monitoring Systems, Building Management Systems, Alarms

          •    Process Plants and Optimisation

                –    Conceptual studies, Preliminary and Detailed engineering designs, EPCM solutions,

1.3   Civil and Structural Engineering

         •    Civil services offering include feasibility studies, master planning, design and construction supervision of the following and more:

               –    Township Infrastructural Services, Building Services, Roads & Stormwater Drainage Engineering, Solid Waste

                     Management, Bulk and Link Services, Water and Waste Water Management, Sewerage collection, reticulation

                     & outfall, treatment and disposal, Reservoirs

         •    Structural services include the design and construction supervision of the following:

               –    General Structural Engineering services including Masonry, Steel, Concrete, and Timber

               –    Focus on Building Services, Process Plants and general infrastructure

1.4    Alternative Energy Solutions

          Energy audits, plant optimisation, installation, and project management in the following are offered:

          •    Solar systems, Heat pumps, Energy saving Lighting systems, Energy efficient Motors and VSD’s, Industrial

               Compressed air systems, HVAC, Shower heads and water flow regulators, Power Factor Correction, Plant

               optimization systems, and Metering Systems

1.5    Land and Property Valuations


        Our philosophy regarding managing and executing projects follows an integrated and conclusive approach where the client

        is at the centre of the project management team.

        Before undertaking any project and programme we seek to partner with our clients in identifying the real business

        problem so that our solutions create value. We offer a full range of solutions during and after the project life cycle and

        some of these are highlighted below:

        Project Initiation

        •    Scoping and Feasibility studies

        •    Project assessments and implementation strategies

        •    Stakeholder analysis and management

        Planning and Design development

        •    Concept design of the proposed solutions

        •    High level WBS, Cost (+30%-25% accuracy) and Schedule estimates

        •    Detailed design, WBS, project Budget (±10% accuracy), and execution Schedule

        •    Conduct a risk profile of the project (risk register)

        •    Effect a project change management system

        Tender Documentation and Tender Process

        •    Prepare tender and commercial documents (as per the client’s procurement strategy)

        •    Invite tenderers to tender (opened or closed tender process)

        •    Arrange tender site briefings

        •    Evaluate tenders received and recommend preferred tenderer

        Project Execution

        •    Execution supervision

        •    Contract management and administration

        •    Quality planning, assurance and control

        •    Manage Budget and Schedule control

        •    Evaluate and certify payment certificates

        •    Manage the risk register

        •    Chair and manage technical and project progress meetings

        Project Closure

        •    Generation of final account

        •    Documenting lessons learnt

        •    Issue close-out report

        Value added solutions

        •    Project Governance, Asset Management, Training and development of staff during and after the implementation

             of project to equip them with new skills, Resource Assessment and Scheduling, Facilities Management, Valuations